Thursday, June 24, 2010

Attribute Vs Properties in Excel 2007 and OWC 11

Following post demonstrates about how an attribute can be used to display the data on same column or separate column(s). Especially those who are coming from RDBMS background would feel the Screenshot #1 shown below is wrong. So wanted to show how an attribute is differentiated with Property

When attributes are added to Rows or Column Axis : When attributes are added Row or Column Labels then it would cross join the attributes and display the data in one column.

When attributes are used as Properties:

Excel 2007 : When attributes are displayed properties, then for each leaf member it would display the corresponding attribute. This output is preferred in multiple situations.

Properties are enabled as shown in below image.

OWC 11 ( Bids Cube browser) OWC acts little bit differently in OWC 11. Properties are enabled using the similar command dialog box shown in above image but output is totally different. Following image would display the Account properties.

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