Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parent-Child dimension hierarchy in SSRS 2008

When I first worked on SQL Server Reporting Server 2000 about 4 years ago. I did not like 2 items.
1) Ability to develop a report on Parent-Child dimension (Ragged hierarchy)

2) Ability to type the MDX and see the output in RS report immediately (Without need to get the field list).

Though my 2nd item is still not possible, but SSRS 2008 allowed flexibility to achieve #1.

Usage of Parent child dimension for Chart of Account or Employee or Company dimension is a very common case. But unfortunately there was no direct method to get the Parent-child dimension hierarchy displayed in single column in SSRS 2000. It is hard to build balanced hierarchy all the time and group them to have drill down from column1 (level 1) to columns 2 (level 2) I am excited to see this feature SSRS 2008 ( I guess 2005 as well) .
Here is the OUTPUT

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